Carpentry & Framing Services


Patriacca Construction provides structural wood framing for residential and commercial settings.

For over 25 years Patriacca Construction has been providing structural wood framing, carpentry and steel support solutions for both residential and commercial projects.

PCI is well-known for our abilities to frame and build out difficult and intricate home designs.   When local architects design detailed and difficult designs, they often want Patriacca Construction to properly build them to spec.

Vail Carpentry & Framing Services


Our company culture is to work with the owners, general contractor, architect, and engineer to workout the details of the framing prior to performing the work in the field. 

We go into every project with a very strong understanding of what the general contractor is wanting from us as well as the other sub contractors.  This extra work in the beginning ensures the highest level of satisfaction with all parties involved in the building process.   Our combined years of experience provides us a lot of knowledgeable insight and expertise to coordinate our work with other sub contractors on the job.

We pride ourselves in being conscientious of the work of other sub-contractors and working in cooperation with them.  This ensures our work is completed when they need it to be and we do not disturb their completed or in-process work.