Struthers Residences and Market Street Residences


Struthers and Market Street  Residences

The Struthers Residences project consisted of 48 apartments constructed using Offsite Modular Construction in the Las Colonias area of Grand Junction. The Market St Residences consisted of 72 apartments in the 24 Road corridor of Grand Junction. PCI was selected as the General Contractor for both of these projects and ran them both concurrently to maximize efficiency and expedite the timeline for the owner.

The PCI team worked with the owner, modular manufacturer, and design team from the very beginning to find significant cost savings on the project, while also helping refine the design to meet the owner’s expectations for longevity.

Project Highlights

-120 Apartments
-49,800 SF at Struthers Residences
-77,000 SF at Market St Residences
-Both projects completed in under 16 months